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Construction company Wästbygg wanted to help their tenants in the new housing area Visättra to communicate and socialize with one another. How do you encourage new behaviours in a new neighbourhood?

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With the help from behavioural psychology, we created an encouraging concept to give the tenants living in Visättra a little nudge in the right direction. Based on the psychological principal of “nudging”, to create behavioural change with positive enforcement, we developed tools that would give the tenats of Visättra a friendly nudge in the right direction.

In both inside and outside areas around the housing area, we placed signs with psychological and positive messages, encouraging the tenants to reflect upon a new behaviour in an everyday situation. For example, the reminder that saying hi to a neighbour could reveal a mutual interest or hobby, or that taking the stairs could improve your health no matter in which direction you’re going.

To help the tenants connect and socialize with eachother even further, we created Visättrakalenden, a digital calender exclusive to the tenants living in Visättra. With the calender the tenants could organize and invite their neighbours to activities and events in the neighbourhood. A tool to give the people living in Visättra a nudge in the direction to socialize more.



This project is currently on-going. The tenants of Visättra are expected to move in to their new homes and housing areas shortly.

We'll keep you posted!