Våra bästa år

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How can we show ninth graders that NTI-Gymnasiet is a school where they get to study their favourite interest whilst, at the same time, help them through the stressful times of choosing a new school?


“Våra Bästa År” is a podcast produced by NTI-Gymnasiet’s own students from their schools around the country. The podcast, which deals with everything from choosing, starting and actually going to high school, aims to help ninth graders in a confusing time of their life while also presenting the width of NTI-Gymnasiet’s programs.

We thought it was time to let the truth of high school be told, by the very people who go there.

Every other week a new 15 min episode is released and each episode deals with it’s own theme; from how to choose the right program to what actually happens after the three years in high school. All from the minds and experiences of NTI-Gymnasiet’s present students. At vårabästaår.se the ninth graders may also ask their own questions. The podcast is available for listening and downloads at vårabästaår.se, Spotify and iTunes.

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