The YOLO Generation

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Linneaus University has a clear position as a University where everything is possible. Now they wanted to use their tools, knowledge and resources to make more things possible – for real. To do that, we had to find out what challenges in society that was in need of a solution the most.

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Together with the research company Novus we asked 18-25 year olds in Sweden what their biggest challenges in life are today. The results revealed that the previous YOLO-generation of Swedish youth, was actually nurturing a deep concern about their own future. Housing shortage, unemployment and climate changes were the challenges that worried 18-25 year olds the most.

To decide which challenge to solve, we gathered the challenges and a report of the study, “Sveriges ungdomar om framtiden – Från YOLO till oro”, at Here the public was encouraged to vote which challenge they wanted our Linneaus University task force of students and researchers to try and find a real solution for during the fall.



The interest in the results from the study and report “Sveriges ungdomar om framtiden – Från YOLO till oro” was overwhelming. The report was featured and debated in some of Swedens largest newspapers; Dagens Nyheter and Metro. Meanwhile, more than 1200 votes has been casted so far on which challenge Linneaus University will try to solve this fall.

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