The search for the ultimate employee

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As an educational company, Nackademin has delivered competence to the IT, Health, Design, Communication and Construcution industry for over 20 years. But how are these industries communicating their need for competence today, with a demand that is constantly evolving? When looking at job postings today, the qualities and characteristics we request tend to be similar regardless the position or industry. We wanted to research what the industries actually communicate in job posting ads today, to see if the competence that they’re asking for, is really what they’re looking for and truly need.

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To answer these questions, we created a data crawler tool to analyze the content of online job postings between December 2015 and March 2016. During this period the crawler thoroughly scanned and analyzed 191 231 job postings from Arbetsförmedlingen and Monster to see what characteristics and competence the job industry requests today. The search data was based on parameters such as industry, buzz words, county and characteristics.

The results of the collected data was put in the report, “The search for the ultimate employee”, where conclusions were made from the results of the data, as well as from our hypothesis of why industries today tend to look for the same qualities and charasterics in a future employee, regardless of industry or position.



The report was presented during a fully seated seminar at Nackademin, where representatives and curious minds from the industry participated. The report created a discussion about how we communicate in job postings today and was featured in Swedens largest morning news show TV4 Nyhetsmorgon.

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