Shouldn’t you become a teacher instead of a reality TV-star?

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Swedish schools are struggling to find and hire competent teachers. Meanwhile, applications to the teacher education programs in Sweden are decreasing. Linnaues University wanted to do something about this downward spiral, and attract more people to their teacher education program.

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In 2014 the reality TV-show Paradise Hotel received more applications than the Swedish teacher education program. A fact from reality many people found disturbing. The campaign “Shouldn’t more people apply to a teacher education than to a reality TV-show?” challenged Swedes to do whatever it takes in order to reverse the results. And by using a tone of voice clearly borrowed from the famous tv-show, Linnaues University started talking about a serious issue in a humorous way.



Not only did the successful campaign steer the media debate towards Linnaues University and their message, making people switch from Paradise Hotel to the news. But in 2014, applications to Linnéuniversitetet increased by 3,6%. And their teacher education was the program with the highest increase of applicants.

Featured in e.g SVT, Sveriges Radio, Barometern, Skolvärlden, Smålandsposten.

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