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With an increased competition for IT students among Universities and colleges in Stockholm, Nackademin wanted to position themselves as an innovative school to pursue your IT studies at. To prove this, we wanted to engage the target group in an acitivity that celebrated their biggest interest; code, while also highlighting Nackademins new Internet of Things program.

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As a developer, one of the biggest struggles in your workday is to maintain a programming flow – or to even find it at all in between meetings, hovering co-workers and disctractions. So to help developers and coders to get ready for flow, we created code.mode; 6 creative scripts, uniquely developed to help you find, maintain or prepare you for your ultimate work flow. Or as we like to call it; your code.mode

At you found step-by-step guides on how to implement the scripts for OS X and Windows, together with our home made app Flow Triggers, or create your own script versions at our Github.
The scripts:

– start_me_up a script that will start off your work day with your favorite song or playlist at 9 AM

– shine_bright_like_a_coder a script that turns a Philips Hue lamp red when you’re in flow and are not to be disturbed

– no_tifications a script that will turn off all disturbing notifications on your computer when it feels that you’re in flow.

– lunch_launcher a script that will help maintain your flow by showing you lunch places nearby at 12 PM.

To launch the initiative, we challenged the users of to create their own flow scripts, where the most creative would win a 10 000 gift certificate at

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