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We represent a new strain of marketing in which we have evolved to suit the media landscape of today, meaning we don’t do classical advertising campaigns. We do projects that help companies add value to their business by combining digital innovation, PR and psychological insights.

Digital Creatives Wanted

— Published March 24th 2015

Do you find yourself constantly solving problems with digital solutions? Do you take as much pride in the actual craft (pen or brush) as in finding a unique, mind-blowing idea? Are you easygoing, reliable and looking to join a growing agency filled with tech- and “fika”-loving creatives? If so, this job might be just right for you. Läs mer

We‘re looking for someone who gets psyched by innovative communication, a person with a somewhat unnatural passion for new technology, culture and psychological insights of the human behavior. We are searching for someone with a great understanding of, and experience in, the development of unprecedented creative work with strong digital focus.

Our goal is to get a mash-up of different people with varying backgrounds and skills rather than to look for the typical Copywriter or Art Director. We believe that the craft is just as important as the creative ability and being able to conceptualize ideas with great storytelling and visual elements, is key to this job.

As a Creative at Rodolfo you’ll work collaboratively in a team with designers, developers and strategists to create groundbreaking digital solutions and services using the technology of tomorrow.

Does this sound like you? Send us your application to


Shouldn’t you become a teacher instead of a reality TV star?

— Published March 13th 2015

In 2014, news spread quickly when the reality TV-show Paradise Hotel received more applicants than the Swedish teacher education program. This year, Linnéuniversitetet aims to reverse the results by challenging the Swedes to do whatever it takes in order to get more people to apply for a teacher education. They are reaching out to people with the campaign: Shouldn’t more people apply for a teacher education than to a reality show? Läs mer


Daphne From Berghs School of Communication

— Published March 11th 2015

Daphne From is a food and decor enthusiast with a great interest in yoga. She has a lively imagination and likes to analyze her own (and sometimes others’) feelings and thoughts. Läs mer

A degree in behavioural science and experience in interior design naturally lead her to further her education at Berghs, which became a path to the advertising industry. The key link which ties these facets together is communication, through the combination of strategy and creativity. “Working with creative strategy is a bit like being a detective, you want to reach a deeper understanding and then solve the case in an innovative way”.

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